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Thousands Apply to Join New Army eSports Team

Sunday, January 27th, 2019

FORT MEADE, Md. — Over 6,500 Soldiers are already hoping to be part of a new Army esports team that will compete in video game tournaments nationwide in an effort to attract potential recruits.

“It’s essentially connecting America to its Army through the passion of the gaming community,” said Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Jones, NCO-in-charge of the budding team.

About 30 Soldiers are expected to be picked for the team and some of the first positions could be filled this summer. Only active-duty and Reserve Soldiers are currently allowed to apply.

Those chosen will be assigned to the Marketing and Engagement Brigade for three years at Fort Knox, Kentucky, where the Army Recruiting Command is headquartered.

While they will not become recruiters, team members will receive a crash course on Army enlistment programs to answer questions from those interested in learning about the service.

Once built up, the team will fall under an outreach company that will also include an Army rock band and a functional fitness team.

Not everyone on the team will compete. Those who will may train up to six hours per day on video games, Jones said, adding that gameplay sessions would be live streamed or recorded for spectators to watch.

Esports has ballooned in popularity in recent years with millions of followers.

In August, the Washington Post reported that esports could generate about $345 million in revenue this year in North America. In 2017, a major esports tournament in China also drew a peak of more than 106 million viewers — roughly the same number of those who watched last year’s Super Bowl.

“It’s something really new and it’s been gaining a lot of steam,” Jones said.

While on the team, Soldiers will still conduct physical training, weapons qualifications and other responsibilities that come with being a Soldier. They will also have to maintain certifications in their military occupational specialty.

“Outside of that, there will be esports training,” Jones said. “So whatever game they’re playing in, they’ll not only be playing it, but be coached in it to get better.”

The team, he said, shares a similar concept to that of other Army competitive teams that continually train, such as the Golden Knights parachute team, World Class Athlete Program and Army Marksmanship Unit.

“Esports is like traditional sports,” he said. “Nobody can just walk in and expect to play at a competitive level.”

The Army, he said, already has talented gamers out there who can compete in events.

Last weekend, a few Soldiers competed at PAX South in San Antonio as a way to introduce Army esports to the greater gamer community.

In one of the events, a Street Fighter V tournament, two Soldiers placed first and second.

“This is the perfect opportunity to showcase not only to the Army, but to the civilian populace and the esports industry that we also have what it takes,” Jones said of the events.

Recruiters from the San Antonio Recruiting Battalion also joined them and were able to generate some leads with potential recruits, he added.

There are plans to do the same at the PAX East exposition in Boston in late March.

As a gamer and a recruiter himself, Jones said the team can help bridge the civilian-military gap by breaking down misconceptions some young people may have about the Army.

Being able to play their favorite video games with others who share the same passion is also a bonus.

“For a lot of Soldiers, to include myself, it’s like a dream come true,” Jones said. “This is just one of those ways we can start the conversation.”

Story by Sean Kimmons, Army News Service

Photos by SSG Ryan Meaux

SSD – US Army Creates ESPORTS Team

Monday, December 17th, 2018

This article was originally featured on Soldier Systems Daily. Honestly, it’s too fitting not to cross post.

Here’s another opportunity for Soldiers to excel. US Army Recruiting Command has established an ESPORTS team.

According to MG Frank Muth, commanding general for USAREC the idea is to connect with potential recruits stating, “If we are going to be successful in recruiting, then we need to be where young people are — and they are operating in the digital world. There are already thousands of current Soldiers who are competitive online gamers. Now we are giving them a chance to use their talents to help us relate to and connect with other young gamers. They will have the ability to start a dialogue about what it is like to serve in our Army and see if they are interested in joining.”

Soldiers selected to the team will be assigned to the Marketing and Engagement Brigade at Fort Knox for three years and will involve constant competitive training, recruiting engagements and interaction with the public on a daily basis but will not become recruiters.

The team is expected to begin competing on behalf of the U.S. Army by summer 2019

All active-duty and Army Reserve Soldiers are eligible to apply. Interested Soldiers should visit recruiting.army.mil/army_esports to learn how to compete for a spot on the team.

Veterans Day

Sunday, November 11th, 2018

We here at TFB would like to give our sincerest, most heartfelt thanks to every individual who has served in the Military. From the very first militiamen to the warfighters of today, your sacrifices assure that we continue our way of life, freedom, and liberty. Again, thank you.

Red Storm Collaborates With North Carolina National Guard For The Purpose Of Recording Audio

Saturday, April 13th, 2013


Last Friday, sound designers and authenticity staff from Red Storm Entertainment, based in Cary, North Carolina, accompanied the aviators and ground crews of the 1-130th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion. Their purpose was to record audio of the AH-64D Longbow Apache Attack helicopter, including the start up and take-off procedure and cockpit chatter.

You can read the full story at the North Carolina National Guard site.

Tactical Helmet Rank – Indiegogo

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013


The Tactical Helmet Rank on Indiegogo is a project for a device designed to snap into the NVD bracket of the Army Combat Helmet. At the moment, only the CPT and E-7 insignia have been produced; further funding will lead to the entirety of Army ranks being produced, with insignia for ranks in the other branches following at a later time.


C-17 Airdrop Over Afghanistan

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Morale Art On A-2 Bomber Jackets

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

A recent article on ‘Collectors Weekly’ details the history and practice of personalized morale art painted on the backs and fronts of many A-2 bomber jackets along with early day morale patches during WWII. You can read it at Collectorsweekly.com – ‘WWII War Paint: How Bomber Jacket Art Emboldened Our Boys’ by Lisa Hix.

America’s Army Motion Comics

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

There’s now an app available on iTunes and Google Play built to view the America’s Army digital comic series. The comics feature sounds, including a musical score, and some limited animation, detailing conflict in the country of Czervenia (FYI, not a real country). The app itself also has some dvd menu-esque features, such as scene select, character bios, and information on Army ranks, equipment, vehicles, and techniques. The first issue is already out, and although there’s an impressive amount of detail and realism in the uniforms, the weapons, and the like (it is military funded, after all), the story could be, well, more entertaining. This also applies to the dialogue which can be comically awful at times; you just have to read it to see what we mean.


Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Military Edition

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Available exclusively through GovX, Inc., ‘Medal of Honor: Warfighter Military Edition’ will feature exclusive unlocks, including use of the Project HONOR camouflage pattern, for what can be assumed is for use with either in-game weapons or customizable character models. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of ‘Military Edition’ goes to the Air Force Association, AFA Veteran Benefits Association, Marine Corps Association & Foundation, National Association for Uniformed Services, Navy SEAL Foundation, and Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Because this is a GovX product, you have to be active duty, reservist, or retired military or a government employee to qualify.

You can pre-order ‘Medal of Honor: Warfighter Military Edition on govx.com.

1500 Hour Remembrance: Don’t Forget!

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Please do not forget, as you go about whatever you’re doing, to pause for a respectful moment of remembrance at 1500L (whatever Local is for you). You may not recall, but the National Moment of Remembrance resolution was passed 12 years ago, asking that all Americans voluntarily (and informally) observe a moment of remembrance and respect for our fallen. A moment of silence, a moment of prayer or by listening to Taps, something to honor the lives of the men and women of our country’s military who have been killed in the nation’s service.

I grew up hearing my grandmother refer to it as Decoration Day, when you went out and put flags on the graves of all veterans in your local cemetery,though my parents and aunts and uncles called it Memorial Day. The holiday was officially proclaimed 05 May (18)68 by General John Logan of the Grand Army of the Republic in General Order No. 11, and was first observed on 30 May 1868, when flowers were placed on the graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. It was originally to honor the dead of the Civil War, but after WWI it was changed to honor all Americans fighting in any war.

“Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect, no ravages of time testify to the present or to the coming generations that we have forgotten as a people the cost of a free and undivided republic.

If other eyes grow dull, other hands slack, and other hearts cold in the solemn trust, ours shall keep it well as long as the light and warmth of life remain to us.

Let us, then, at the time appointed gather around their sacred remains and garland the passionless mounds above them with the choicest flowers of spring-time; let us raise above them the dear old flag they saved from hishonor; let us in this solemn presence renew our pledges to aid and assist those whom they have left among us a sacred charge upon a nation’s gratitude, the soldier’s and sailor’s widow and orphan.”

Do something today to honor your dead, because even if you never met them, even if you never knew any of them, they are absolutely YOUR dead.

God keep them all. May He comfort their families and their comrades and help us trust His plan that required their sparks be extinguished.

1500 Local: Don’t forget it.


Thanks to Gruntworks for the poster and Mahoney’s poem.

New PJ Art from Tactical Drawings

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Tactical Drawings does great work. Artist Joonho ‘JK’ Kim is from Seoul, South Korea. He was in the ROK Army before coming to the US. Since 2004 he has been a part of the chaplain program at the Pima Count Sheriff’s Department and in 2005 he became the Pima County Regional SWAT chaplain. He also teaches edged weapon fighting to local LEOs, military personnel and contractors.  In addition to being a talented artist (a great understatement) he is a genuinely nice and self-effacing man. Check out his website.

About the PJ artwork he says, “I hope that my drawing properly depicted their courage, dedication, brotherhood, and loyalty. They truly live up to their creed: That others may live.” You can buy the print here.


Update from Airsoft Extreme

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Click on image above to see all the information on SB1315



SB1315 will cause great confusion regarding where you can own and use Airsoft guns in California, and ultimately lead to the elimination of our sport as we know it!

Please call only the senator who represents the district where you reside and/or work only. You can find your state senator via this link

New HK G36C Competition



New H&K G36C Competition (Sportline) from Umarex.  This model has electric blowback and full metal gears and gearbox.  An 8.4v NiMH rechargeable battery is included for a low price!



Click on image to see more information.

New SO Tech Double Strap Go Bag



This is the latest variation of the highly popular SOTech Go Bag. It now comes with TWO straps. This allows for some different carry options, adding stability and versatility to switch between a sling bag and a backpack-style carry.



Click on image to see more information.

New Rainier Arms PTS Flashhiders


New Flashhiders from Rainier Arms.  These are available in 2 styles, the short and long.  Both are available in CW and CCW thread.


Click on image to see more information.

Madbull RAS Fixing Riser

Madbull / MAX Tactical’s RAS FIX line of products mount onto both the upper receiver and RIS, thus making the RIS and upper receiver connect tightly. It can also be used as a scope riser mount.




Click on image to see more information.

Join Airsoft Extreme on Facebook.

The Devils of Kildare

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Figured since today is often celebrated in honor of the Patron Saint of Ireland we’d talk about some of Ireland’s more dangerous men – the Fiannóglach, or “Devils of Kildare.” The Irish Rangers.

Now somewhat analogous to our Combat Action Group (CAG), the British SAS, French GIGN, etc, they began as a cross-training exchange program with our 75th Ranger Regiment at Ft. Benning. The full spectrum of special operations/counter-terror role within the Irish Defense Force is now fulfilled by the ARW, Irish Army Air Ranger Wing, or Fiannóglach. There’s no literal English translation from the Gaelic, so the proper term for one of their operators is Ranger. They wear a tab much like the Ranger scroll that says FIANNOGLACH.

The Fiannóglach divide all operations into green (traditional special forces, recon, direct action, Foreign Internal Defense) or black (counter-terrorist, counter-espionage, high value target direct action, etc.). They are garrisoned in Curragh Camp, County Kildare (hence the nickname Devils of Kildare). Their motto is Glaine ár gcroí, neart ár ngéag agus beart de réir ár mbriathar: in English, the cleanliness of our hearts, the strength of our limbs and our commitment to our promise.


Legion Firearms bringing Dark Angel to Texas

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Legion Firearms is hosting Kerry Davis and his Sig Sauer Academy “Bullets & Bandages” course towards the end of March. There are a few slots remaining in the course, and Legion is offering a free billet in the class to the first person who enrolls three people in the course (class cost is normally $500 per billet) as well as a free Direct Action Response Kit (D.A.R.K.) in coyote tan. (Kit Up recently ran a brief overview of the D.A.R.K. if you’re interested.)

Contact Legion at info@legionfirearms.com regarding your entries and their names to take advantage of the contest offer.

Kerry Davis, the progenitor of the D.A.R.K. and the chief Bullets and Bandages instructor has 21 years in trauma medicine and is a seasoned firearms instructor. He started out in the Air Force, was assigned to a specialty medic unit that worked with the 82ND ABN, went on to become a civilian paramedic and then to nursing school. He’s been a trauma/ER for approximately the last decade (tonight he talked to Soldier Systems Daily after a 14 hour day at the ER).


Assaulter Ghillie Pieces from Tactical Concealment

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

You may have already read that Tactical Concealment built the ghillie suits used in Act of Valor (see Tactical Concealment on SSD). They are very well known in shooter circles for the quality of their kit. That isn’t hype or bs, I’ve talked to several guys who use nothing else. Tactical Concealment essentially builds various “signature management” foundations for various uses, from full-blown ghillie suits to hoods and chaps and everything else. A recent offering from TC addresses those who require more limited signature management. It’s designed for use folks who require some outline work but don’t want to wear the entire thing (like assaulters, as mentioned, or members of LE tracking teams, or perhaps LE K9 units in a rural area…or even just MilSim shooters who want to get close to their target).

The piece in question is the Tactical Concealment Viper. It comes in two forms, standard and “Mosquito”. The latter is built of a new material that substantially decreases weight (you can, in fact, put it in a BDU pocket).

Note: you’re going to pay for this. It’s high end stuff meticulously made for guys and girls on the sharp end by a very small staff. If you’re looking for something less expensive, no worries, but this won’t be it. You get what you pay for. I have some Tactical Concealment gear and believe me, it’s solid and built to last. Go like ’em or friend ’em or whatever you call it on Facebook, right now, and tell ’em TANSTAAFL of Tactical Fanboy sent ya. You won’t get anything for doing so, but it will make me look good.

From the website:

“Whether you’re an assaulter or sniper the benefit of suppressing your visual presence to the enemy is extremely important. Tactical Concealment’s Viper is a new high-speed garment designed not just for snipers but for any operator who can benefit from having a tactical edge edge toward visual based camouflage/concealment. Specific to this type of operator is that the Viper is designed to be worn in conjunction and work in unison with combat loadout equipment including tactical vests, armored plate carriers, assault vests and any size backpack. Any tactical operator can now achieve the camouflage/concealment effectiveness of a sniper and his ghillie suit but scaled into a package that is practical and suited toward the working needs and working requirements of an assaulter…”

Col. Astray’s Bridegrooms of Death

Monday, February 20th, 2012

La Legion’s Sniper School

spanish-sniperLa Legion is one of the most decorated military units in history. Organized by Colonel Millan Astray during the early 20th century, following the model of the French Foreign Legion, it has shared and maybe surpassed the French heroism and “Espirit de Corps.” Both share the same bold and aggressive tactics and both have died in great numbers facing their enemies. The Spanish Foreign Legion nickname, Novios de la Muerte, the “Bridegrooms of Death,” and their motto, Viva la Muerte, “Long Live Death,” reflect their combat attitude.

Their creed reflects their ethics and morale: never avoid confrontation, never leave a comrade behind, and seeking death as the way of defeating any enemy, through superhuman aggressiveness. Its members, regardless of rank, are titled Caballero Legionario, or “Knight Legionnaire,” and since women were admitted, they were titled Dama Legionaria, or “Lady Legionnaire.” Legionnaires wear a special cap called Chapiri and have some traditions like tattoos, long beards and wearing their shirts open to expose their chests. These allowances, part of the Legionnaire mystique are being attacked for the sake of normalization, and may be part of the past soon. Times have changed and decades of politically correct governments and restricting ROEs have tamed that “old school” aggressiveness, but La Legion still mystifies death as a goal, as a way to conquer any enemy.


SHOT Show 2012: Rangers Lead the Way (Ranger Thursday)

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Edit: I apparently didn’t write this terribly well, so some of the part about supporting the Best Ranger contest didn’t come across  the right way (that’s my fault, not the NCOs we talked to). Best Ranger IS supported by Big Army, but regulations prevent certain things from being funded by them (such as prizes, some of the dinners and hospitality stuff, etc.) I apologize for the apparent  inaccuracy and will work diligently to avoid anything that could be misinterpreted, misunderstood or is out and out wrong in the future! TANSTAAFL


A couple of us had the privilege and pleasure of spending some time with instructors from the RTB (Ranger Training Brigade) while we were at SHOT. If all goes well we’re going to be periodically sharing some Ranger news with you. (Only stuff that’s either open source material or cleared hot by their PAO, so we’re clear.) Now, you may not be aware of it, but yesterday was a pretty big day in US Army Ranger history. Yesterday, the 25th, was the anniversary of the “Abrams Charter” of 1974. That’s the directive by General Creighton Abrams (you may recall they named a big vehicle after him) instructing the Army to activate the first battalion sized Ranger unit since World War II. US Army Forces Command HQ command then published General Orders 127 , which stood up 1ST Battalion (Ranger) 75th Infantry. General Abrams believed that the Army would be improved as a whole by the inclusion of permanent Rangers within its ranks (in no small part due to the diffusion of leadership and fighting ability throughout its ranks as Ranger qualified Soldiers slowly spread into other units).

The Abrams Charter said: “The Battalion is to be an elite, light and the most proficient infantry in the world. A Battalion that can do things with its hands and weapons better than anyone.  The Battalion will contain no ‘hoodlums or brigands’ and if the Battalion is formed from such persons it will be disbanded. Wherever the Battalion goes, it must be apparent that it is the best.”

You may be one of the many people who’ve watched the Best Ranger competition. We’re going to delve into that competition in the future, discuss its development and goals and whatnot, but we’d like to throw in a quick plug on its behalf – though the competition is supported by Big Army, there are a number of constraints that prevent Big Army from assisting with ancillary expenses (like dinners, prizes, etc.). There are a number of reasons why, but essentially those ancillary needs are all taken care of with the support of benefactors. If you are interested in supporting Best Ranger, we urge you to contact them and help out. (Here are the current 2012 supporters: feel free to join their ranks.) If you are interested in supporting the Best Ranger Competition, call Ms. Bryant at 706-718-9520 or e-mail her at CandyssBryant@gmail.com.

More on that to follow.

2/75 Rangers in Afghanistan just a couple of months ago.














In the meantime, read a historical piece about the Abrams Charter from the War College, if you’re interested in learning more. This is a pre-GWOT study on leadership practices within the Ranger Regiment. It’s an interesting read.


Episode One of Best Ranger 2011:

The 75th Ranger Regiment Regimental Headquarters and Headquarters Company conducted a water jump in September:

Interesting Chinese Military Training

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Check out these Chinese troops putting their skills on display. The thing we found most particularly interesting was the hot potato exercise involving high explosives.

Military Date/Time Group Explained

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

The Military Date/Time Group Succinctly explained by RE Factor. Check it out. Then peruse their stuff and watch their website.

The military Date Time Group (DTG) format is used in everything from operations orders to airlifts and it is essential for every service member to know how to properly put together a DTG format.

Date Time Group is traditionally formated as DDHHMM(Z)MONYY

An example is 630pm on January 6th 2012 in Fayetteville NC would read 061830RJAN12

DD-Day of the month (e.g. January 6th=06)

HHMM- Time in 24 hr format +military time zone (e.g. 6:30pm in =1830).

Z- Military identifier- see below for complete list

MON- 3 digit month code, (e.g. January= JAN)

YY- 2 Digit year, (e.g. 2012= 12)

Military Time Code

The military time zone is used as a representation to Coordinate Universal Time (UTC) which is based on hours + or – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which is considered hour 0.  In military time code reference Greenwich Mean time is referred to as Zulu (Z).  In operations spanning multiple time zones zulu will be used in order to give all operating units a time zone to adjust their time to so that everyone is on the same page.

One common mistake when using the military time code is to use “L” as Local time.  In fact “L” is used to represent the time code for UTC+11 which covers parts of Russia and Australia.  When referring to your time zone be sure to see what your local code identifier is by using the reference below.

Military Time Code Letter Reference:

UTC -12: Y- (e.g.  Fiji)
UTC-11: X (Nome Alaska)
UTC-10: W (Honolulu, HI)
UTC-9: V (Juneau, AK)
UTC-8: U (PST, Los Angeles, CA)
UTC-7: T (MST, Denver, CO)
UTC-6: S (CST, Dallas, TX)
UTC-5: R (EST, New York, NY)
UTC-4: Q (Halifax, Nova Scotia
UTC-3: P (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
UTC-2: O (Godthab, Greenland)
UTC-1: N (Azores)
UTC+-0: Z (Zulu time)
UTC+1: A (France)
UTC+2: B (Athens, Greece)
UTC+3: C (Arab Standard Time, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar)
UTC+4: D (Used for Moscow, Russia and Afghanistan, however Afghanistan is technically +4:30 from UTC)
UTC+5: E (Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan)
UTC+6: F (Bangladesh)
UTC+7: G (Thailand)
UTC+8: H (Beijing, China)
UTC+9: I (Tokyo, Australia)
UTC+10: K (Brisbane, Australia)
UTC+11: L (Sydney, Australia)
UTC+12: M (Wellington, New Zealand)

Tippmann U.S. Army Camping Equipment

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Along with their U.S. Army licensed paintball markers, Tippmann also has a line of U.S. Army licensed camping equipment. The two models seen above are the:

Basic Training tent

– 68d 600mm polyester construction
– U.S. Army branded zipper pulls
– 300D Carry Bag
– ACU Camo trim
– Glove Dry waterproof system
– internal storage pockets and gear loft

It measures 80″x50″x38″ with 28 sq. ft. of interior space.

Bravo sleeping bag

– 68d 600mm polyester outer shell and liner with a 3lbs solid polyester fiber filler
– Rated up to 40F
– Hood system w/ draw cord
– Hanging tab and elastic straps for two storage options
– Full length wrap around zipper
– ThermAir insulation
– 185T polyester carry bag

It measures 34″x78″ and fits up to 6’4″.


ANME 2012 – Tippmann Officially Licensed U.S. Army Paintball Markers

Monday, January 16th, 2012


At this year’s Army Navy Military Expo, Tippmann Sports has on display their line of officially licensed U.S. Army paintball markers and accessories. Shown above in descending order are the:

Project Salvo Tactical Edition

– .68 caliber marker
– AR15 style 6 position collapsible and folding stock
– AR15 style shroud with picatinny rails
– 11″ quick thread barrel
– Removable and adjustable front and rear sights
– All aluminum die cast receiver
– Stainless steel gasline
– High performance in-line bolt system
– Quick release feeder elbow

Alpha Black Tactical Edition

– .68 caliber marker
– M16 style 6 position collapsible stock
– M16 style shroud w/ built-in sight
– 11″ quick thread barrel
– All aluminum die cast receiver w/ built-in carry handle
– Stainless steel gasline
– Wide range velocity adjustment screw
– Magazine w/ built-in tool storage


– .68 caliber marker
– 8 1/2″ quick thread barrel
– High performance in-line bolt system
– All aluminum die cast receiver
– Stainless steel gasline
– Four picatinny rails
– Built-in sights
– Built-in foregrip

Alpha Black with Official U.S. Army Camo Tactical Edition

– Same as Alpha Black model, but with Camo finish instead of black

Each marker comes with a bonus training manual on teamwork and strategy.

For more info on these products and others, visit Tippmann.com.

JL Bourne Talks Zombie Loadout on Gear Scout

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

JL Bourne, author of Day by Day Armageddon, did a guest blog over on Gear Scout. We’ve taken the liberty linking to it here, for two reasons: one, the author is JL Bourne. Two, the gear is the First Spear OAGRE, and we really like First Spear.

You might want to read some background first.


If you think JL Bourne is cool (if you don’t, you probably warm your milk and collect prize show cats) then check out his article over on Gear Scout.

Combat Pocket Tee Mk. I

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Gear Whore’s Anonymous just closed down preorders for their new Combat Pocket Tee (CPT) Mark I, inspired by the one “Colonel Smith” was wearing in the movie “The A-Team”. GWA, if you weren’t aware of it, is a page for all gear whores everywhere: the obsessed, the addicted and even those in recovery.

The images below are roughs made by GWA out of raw materials, so it’s not an exact portrayal.

Tactical Fanboy: Combat Pocket Tee from Gear Whores Anonymous



How Not To Throw A Hand Grenade

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Title says it all. According to the video source this is a Chinese Army exercise, which in all honestly doesn’t surprise me that much. To the instructor’s credit, he was pretty calm about the whole thing.

Some Military Christmas Imagery from History

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Hope all of you are having a great Christmas Day and are able to spend it with your families, even you Godless atheists that just want presents! Tactical Fanboy would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, especially all of those who have to work today or tonight, whether they’re military personnel at home or abroad, police, fire, EMS, the staff at the few stores that are open-any of you that aren’t able to stay at home, lounge about and read TFB.