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Rubber Band Phaser

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Etsy shop DecolorisShop has a Star Trek-inspired Rubber Band Phaser. Made of laser cut wood, the Phaser is capable of shooting two rubber bands at a time, and comes complete with three themed targets: a Klingon, Ferengi, and the ever-popular Gorn. The shop also offers personalization by engraving initials, if you were looking to make one of these into a gift.


Mezco – One:12 – Knightmare Batman

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

Mezco, under their One:12 line, is releasing a movie-accurate 1:12 scale figurine of ‘Knightmare Batman’ from ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’. The figure features over 30 points of articulation, and comes with 3 interchangeable heads, 5 pairs of interchangeable hands, a 1911, a SCAR rifle, and an intricate costume which deserves a detailed list:

  • Removable goggles
  • Leather-look duster coat with integrated wire for dynamic posing
  • Fabric shemagh scarf
  • Sculpted bandana-wrapped gloves on each hand
  • Intricately tailored cloth outfit with battle damaged insignia
  • Utility belt with pouches
  • Thigh holster
  • Desert trousers with knee-pad detail
  • Sculpted boots
  • This particular figurine is available exclusively direct from Mezco, so you’ll have to put in a pre-order if you want one for yourself.


    Spitball Blasterz On Kickstarter

    Thursday, May 18th, 2017

    Spitball Blasterz is a project from Paper Shooters, Inc. currently up on Kickstarter for a toy blaster that shoots tissue paper spitballs. Sporting a vaguely AR-15 look, the blasterz are capable of shooting distances up to 65 ft, and load from a 16 spitball capacity flip mag. Paper Shooters also offers two options for ammunition: pre-packaged conical projectiles, or one can make their own ammo using an included mold.


    The Walking Dead Michonne with Michonne’s Pets Walker Twin Pack – Threezero Exclusive)

    Saturday, April 15th, 2017


    Threezero is offering an exclusive 1/6 scale figure pack of Michonne and her Walker pets from The Walking Dead television series. The figures are fully-articulated, with tailored and weathered clothing, as well as all appropriate accessories, including Michonne’s iconic katana. Available now for preorder.


    Thomas The RC Hexapod

    Sunday, March 12th, 2017

    I was on Reddit earlier today, and happened upon this .gif of a RC Hexapod modified with a Thomas the Tank Engine turret, complete with a working flamethrower. To be blunt, I found it hilarious, and thankfully the source was provided in the thread, which can be seen above.

    It’s a product of YouTube channel PeterSripol, who modified the original Hexapod into the monstrosity it now is.

    You can check out more of PeterSripol’s vids here: www.youtube.com/channel/UC7yF9tV4xWEMZkel7q8La_w

    Join The MAWL Man Militia

    Friday, March 10th, 2017

    For Christmas last year, BE Myers & Co., Inc sent out custom brick figures configured as MAWL Man to commemorate the launch of their weapon laser. Armed with a MAWL-DA on top of a suppressed MK18, MAWL Man also sports a pistol, knife, plate carrier and full loadout.

    These proved so popular in social media that they decided to offer them for sale in order to raise funds for their favorite charity, SOC-F.

    Get your MAWL Man from Weapon Outfitters and share photos of him in action by joining the MAWL Man Militia on Facebook.

    Hot Toys – Punisher 1/6 Scale Figurine

    Tuesday, March 7th, 2017


    Hot Toys is releasing a 1/6 scale figurine of The Punisher as portrayed by Jon Bernthal in the Netflix Daredevil series. The figure features over 30 points of articulation, along with multiple weapons, a special figure stand, and a damaged Daredevil mask.


    Star Wars Black Series ‘Vintage Kenner’ Figures

    Monday, February 27th, 2017


    Hasbro and Gentle Giant Studios has partnered up to produce a new line of Star Wars Black action figurines, inspired by the original Star Wars Kenner toys in both sculpt and packaging, but updated with over 20 points of articulation, and better accessories.

    All 12 of the original 1978 Kenner figures will be represented in this line, with the first wave comprising of the following:

    Han Solo
    Luke Skywalker
    Obi Wan
    Princess Leia


    3A Toys – Apocalypse War Judge Dredd 1/6 Scale Figurine

    Saturday, February 18th, 2017


    In commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of 2000 AD, 3A Toys and 2000 AD have partnered up to produce a Special Edition 1/6 scale Judge Dredd figurine based on the Apocalypse War storyline. As appropriate for his portrayal in the storyline, the Judge Dredd figurine comes complete with a RAD Cloak with Hood, Daystick, Lawgiver Mk1 w/ removable magazine, and Stub Gun.

    The figure stands 12.3″ tall, with 29 points of articulation, and features 2 interchangeable faces and 4 sets of hands. Currently available for pre-order with a projected shipping date 4th Quarter 2017.


    Marvel Now! Agent Venom ARTFX+ Figurine

    Friday, December 16th, 2016


    No, Marvel isn’t doing a series of tacticool re-imagining figures of their classic franchise characters. Rather, this is an Agent Venom figurine under the Kotobukiya ARTFX+ line. Long story short, Flash Thompson has the Venom symbiote and he’s using it to fight America’s enemies as a special agent. Anyway, this highly detailed and poseable figurine is currently available for pre-order.


    Mattel Tommy Burst

    Sunday, December 11th, 2016

    SSD dug up this blast from the past, which featured cap blasting action and actual smoke that came out of the barrel.

    They really don’t make ’em like this anymore.

    Star Wars Rogue One Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT Vehicle

    Wednesday, November 9th, 2016


    The name for this thing sure is a mouthful, huh?

    Anyway, the Star Wars Rogue One Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT Vehicle is a (very clearly) Kenner-inspired toy set; it really looks like it was manufactured in the 70s. The All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport comes complete with firing projectiles, a removable cargo bay playset, and three 3 3/4″ figures: C2-B5, Jyn Erso, and an Imperial AT-ACT driver. If that isn’t enough, it’s also controllable with your smartphone. Neat.


    Tier1 Accessories – TitanFall 2 Precision Armory Blind Pick Series 1

    Sunday, November 6th, 2016


    I was at a certain video game-centric retailer picking up a copy of Infinite Warfare today, and while I was checking out I noticed the above blind pick collectable boxes for sale. This one, which comes from a company called Tier1 Accessories, consists of a line of Zinc Alloy miniatures of some of the weapons from TitanFall 2; to be exact, 5 pilot weapons, or a titan weapon, which in this case would be the Ronin titan’s sword.


    I got the above sniper rifle, which is cool. I really, really wanted that sword, but they aren’t called “blind pick” for nothing.

    If you can’t find these in your area, they’re also available for purchase from the link below.


    McFarlane Toys – Lucile Prop Replica

    Friday, November 4th, 2016


    McFarlane Toys is releasing a replica of Negan’s barbed wire-upped bat Lucille from the Walking Dead television series. It’s made of soft plastic, and although it’s intended for ages 17+, it’s not so great for bludgeoning the undead, or pesky human survivors.

    You can probably DIY your own version for less money, but on the other hand it wouldn’t be officially licensed.


    Star Wars – Tatooine Cosplay Starter Kit

    Wednesday, August 31st, 2016


    OK, so these two items are in no way, shape, or form known in any official terms as the “Tatooine Cosplay Starter Kit”. However, if you are looking for either a foam Tusken Raider’s Gaffi Stick, or are cosplaying as a Gamorrean guard (The pig guys that guard Jabba’s palace) and need one of their weapons (in foam), then these are honestly your best bet. We got ours on Disney property, so if you’re ever in the area be on the lookout for them.

    DOOM Marine 1/6th Scale Collectible Exclusive Edition

    Tuesday, August 9th, 2016


    Bethesda is offering an exclusive version of ThreeA’s 1/6th Scale Collectable DOOM Marine figure from the excellent, recently-released DOOM video game. The DOOM Marine figure stands at 13.2 inches tall, with 27 points of articulation. He comes complete with the following weapons and accessories:

  • 3 Sets of Interchangeable Hands
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Super Shotgun
  • Bethesda Store Exclusive Chainsaw
  • This is a pre-order item, and is expected to be released by 2nd Quarter 2017.

    You can get it at store.bethsoft.com/doom-marine-16th-scale-collectible-exclusive-edition.

    Sideshow Collectables – IG-88 1/6 Scale Figure

    Sunday, July 10th, 2016


    Sideshow Collectables is offering a limited edition run of highly-detailed 1/6 scale IG-88 figurines. For those who don’t know, IG-88 is a feared bounty hunting droid in the Star Wars series, and was one of the bounty hunters in Empire tasked by Darth Vader to track down the Millennium Falcon.

    This particular figure includes:

    – New movie-accurate paint scheme
    – Three (3) newly sculpted concussion grenades
    – Light-up feature in the head (requires three LR-41 batteries)
    – Fabric bandolier with instrument pins and magnetic attachment for grenades
    – BlasTech E-11 blaster
    – BlasTech DLT-20A blaster rifle
    – Fully functional extendable legs

    Sideshow is also offering a limited run of Bossk and 4-LOM figures as well, if you’re looking to expand your bounty hunter collection.


    Sideshow Collectables – The Force Unleashed Han And Chewbacca Figures

    Thursday, July 7th, 2016


    Sideshow Collectables and Hot Toys has further expanded their Star Wars Episode VII offerings with the Han Solo and Chewbacca sixth scale figures. Both figures are highly detailed with 30 points of articulation, and come complete with multiple hands, appropriate weaponry, and in Han’s case, both his iconic smuggler outfit and the Winter clothing set he wore on the Starkiller base.

    They’re also available as individual pieces, if you only want one or the other, although buying them separately also forgoes one remote detonator and three thermal detonators for Chewie, and Starkiller base-themed base attachable for both figurines.


    The Whole Outdoors Can Be Your GI Joe Battlefield

    Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

    Black Panther Warrior Pack

    Friday, June 10th, 2016


    As part of the massive line of ‘Civil War’ toys and memorabilia, Hasbro released the Black Panther Warrior Pack, a costume set which consists of a Black Panther mask and gloves. We’ve played with them a bit, and although the set make you look pretty darn cool (as one of the Three Amigos as pictured below will show you), it doesn’t allow you to effortless fight with sweet acrobatic moves, nor do the gloves make large gashes in nigh-indestructible metals.


    You can pick it up from several retailers and online stores, including Toys-R-Us.


    Mezco Toys – One:12 Punisher Figurine – Pre-Order

    Sunday, May 29th, 2016


    Mezco has put out a pre-order for this great looking Punisher figure as part of the One:12 Collective line. The figure is 1:12 scale, featuring a highly realistic fabric uniform with “special silk screening applications”, and sculpted costume accents (belt, gloves, harness, and boots). Also included with the figure:

    Three “portraits” (head sculpts/faces)
    Holding hands
    Grappling hands
    Left posing hand
    Right strike hand
    Armored skull load bearing vest with belt and knife sheath
    Combat knife
    9mm pistol with magazine
    Machine gun with magazine
    Submachine gun with magazine
    Grenade launcher with 6 grenades


    Pop Culture Shock Toys – 1/4 Scale DREDD Statue

    Monday, March 21st, 2016


    Pop Culture Shock Toys has this awesome 1/4 Scale Judge Dredd statue, based on his look in the 2012 movie DREDD. Seen above is the Comic Exclusive version, which retains the movie look but with the judge uniform colorway featured in the comic series.


    Judge Mortis 1/12 Scale Figure

    Sunday, March 13th, 2016

    Judge Mortis

    Bambalandstore is currently offering a pre-order for a 1/12 scale collectable figurine of Judge Mortis, one of the Dark Judges from the Judge Dredd comic series. The figure comes in at 6.6″ tall, fully articulated, and complete with a faux-leather tattered outfit and 3 pairs of interchangeable sculpted hands.


    The Original Ghost Gun

    Monday, February 29th, 2016

    But can it shoot 30 bulets from a .30-caliber clip within half a second?

    Leave it to Hasbro to come up with a great toy called a Ghost Gun. An interesting blend of an MP40 and a flashlight, the Ghost Gun projected an image of one of several ghosts that children of all ages then could use for target practice. My limited research has led me to the conclusion that the Ghost Gun didn’t actually shoot any projectiles, but who cares; it’s a Ghost Gun!

    You’ll have to scour eBay for one of these beauties if you want one today, since they’ve been out of production since the 70’s.

    Huntly’s Paper Warplanes

    Monday, January 11th, 2016

    Huntly's Paper Warplanes

    Huntly’s Paper Warplanes are a collection of historic warplanes utilized by Britain, France, and the USA through WWI and WWII. The plane kits are manufactured using computer graphical design, which allows for more intricate models, and even the construction of biplanes.