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Star Wars Battle Of Hoth Gaming Table

April 28th, 2015

Quiksilver – True Wetsuits

April 27th, 2015

Quicksilver’s True Wetsuits are a Japan-exclusive line of wetsuits designed to look more or less like a designer suit. They come in two varieties: Black and Navy Blue business suits, and Black tuxedo.

Coming soon to a 007 film near you.


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Reveal Trailer

April 26th, 2015

From a cursory look, it’s literally Advanced Warfare meets Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Looks like my prediction of head-in-a-jar Mecha Mason might not be so far fetched after all. Also zombies.

Black Ops 3 drops November 6, 2015.

Suicide Squad – Jared Leto’s Joker Revealed

April 25th, 2015


Yesterday evening, ‘Suicide Squad’ director David Ayer revealed the look of Jared Leto’s Joker for the upcoming film; it’s certainly different than previous incarnations. My opinion? I’m not a fan of the look, but time will tell if Lito’s performance will outdo the whole Hot Topic thing they have going on here.

5.11 Tactical – The Tactical Duty Kilt Is Back!

April 24th, 2015

MultiCam Kilt

Weeks past the standard April Fool’s Day announcement, 5.11 Tactical has once again brought back the Tactical Duty Kilt to their online store.

Available in the largest color variety yet: Battle Brown, Black, MultiCam, Storm Grey, TDU Green, and TDU Khaki. Sizes 28 – 54. This is sure to be a limited affair, so get yours while you can!


Major thanks to ‘DwarfVader’ for the tip!

Mad Max – Gameplay Trailer

April 23rd, 2015

In addition to the upcoming ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, later this year a new Mad Max video game will be released, an open world game where Max must recover his Pursuit Special from a gang of raiders. This is the first Mad Max game to be released since 1990, and it looks loads more impressive than the first one.

Fantastic Four – Official Trailer

April 22nd, 2015

Taking cues from the Ultimate universe Fantastic Four, this reboot features a mutating event that occurs during extradimensional travel in leu of a mutating event that occurs during space travel being the catalyst of the Fantastic Four’s powers. Also, everything’s darker in tone.

Star Wars Episode VII Teaser – The Hasselhoff Edit

April 21st, 2015

Star Wars Teaser – David Hasselhoff Edit from Smyths on Vimeo.

An enterprising individual posted a mash-up video with the Kung Fury theme ‘True Survivor’ playing over footage of the two Star Wars Episode VII teasers.

Tool Pen Mini On Kickstarter

April 21st, 2015

Tool Pen Mini

The Tool Pen Mini is a project on Kickstarter for a pen-shaped tool which accepts multiple sized bits. Replacing bits simply requires twisting out the lead bit and loading a replacement through a hole on the top. Windows on the side of the pen allow users to see which bits are currently loaded in the pen. The pen itself is machined from aluminum and holds up to 5 bits; the bits themselves are made of S2 tool steel, and come in 21 varieties.


Nerdist – Ultimate Convention Hoodie

April 20th, 2015


Carrying around convention purchases and swag can be a chore, which is exactly why Nerdist has come up with the Ultimate Convention Hoodie. Featuring plenty of pockets for carrying everything from water bottles to comics and posters, the UCH is great for any gathering of nerdish pursuits, or really any place where the freebies flow. The full features of the Ultimate Convention Hoodie are:

- Left side sleeve pocket
- Left side inner pocket w/ hidden hole for earbuds
- Right side trick pocket
- Right side silver clip: badge holder
- Side water bottle pocket
- Back poster pocket tubes
- Back comic books pocket

Available in sizes SM-XXXL.


David Hasselhoff – True Survivor – Kung Fury Theme Song

April 19th, 2015

Kung Fury is going to be released soon, and as the ultimate tribute to its 80s-themed presentation, David Hasselhoff did the theme song for the movie!

Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer

April 18th, 2015

First an awesome trailer for Episode VII, and now this? It’s a good time to be a Star Wars fan!

Star Wars Battlefront drops November 17th, 2015.

Apocalypse Camp On Kickstarter

April 17th, 2015

Apocalypse Camp is a project on Kickstarter for a one to two-day “…immersion experience to unlock your inner action hero.” The camp, based in New Orleans, promises to teach the following skills to participants:

- Pick Locks
- Ride a Motorcycle
- Use a Grappling Hook
- Hotwire a Car
- Siphon Gas
- Fight Zombies
- Drive a Stickshift
- And more…

Sounds pretty cool.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer 2

April 16th, 2015

I know it’s just a trailer, and as great a trailer it is they’re meant to entice you to go watch the film, but Lucas isn’t directing The Force Awakens, so that’s excitement enough.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens drops Christmas, 2015.

Marauder GR 1:12 Scale Gear For 6 Inch Action Figures On Kickstarter

April 16th, 2015

Marauder GR 1-12 Scale Gear

Marauder GR has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a line of 1:12 scale weapons and accessories for use with 6-inch figurines. The above photo is of one of their 1:18 scale weapons meant for 4″ figurines, which already shows an impressive level of detail for its size. These weapons will also feature modular accessories including sights, grips, PEQ, suppressor, and grenade launcher.


VSSL Flask Light On Kickstarter

April 15th, 2015

Last August, I wrote about the VSSL (pronounced like the word vessel), a hollow Aluminum tube for storing survival and outdoor items in, with an LED flashlight at the end; a bit like one of those old school large-sized Maglights, but with a hollow handle for storing items instead of batteries.


Since then, VSSL has planed an expansion to their line of hollow body flashlights with the Flask Light. Made of food-grade stainless steel rather than the aluminum of the original VSSL flashlight, the Flask Light is a multi-compartment system which consists of a compass end cap, a 10 oz. liquid container, a hidden compartment with two collapsible shot glasses and a bottle opener, and of course the dual mode LED flashlight.


The finalized VSSL Flash Light will be available with either a matte green or polished steel exterior.


Spartan117GW – Interview With Travis Haley – The Rift Between Airsoft And Real Steel

April 14th, 2015

Spartan117GW recently traveled to Scottsdale, Arizona to visit Haley Strategic. While there, Spartan spoke to the man himself, Travis Haley, to ask his opinion on the rift between Airsoft/MilSim and Real Steel. It’s definitely worth a watch, especially if you’re a fan of Airsoft, or you’re a firearms enthusiast.




April 14th, 2015


A reader has sent in info on an interesting camouflage shirt they procured at the Tahoe Hemp Company in Tahoe, CA. The shirt is made of 55/45 Hemp/Organic Cotton, hand-dyed by Divine Tribe in their proprietary Cannaflage pattern. The camo itself is reminiscent of digital Woodland, with cannabis leaves interspersed within the pattern. The reader claims the heavy, natural fibers allow the shirt to work well as a base layer, and although it took several washings to cut down on the scratchy texture, the shirt keeps warm when its cool, cool when its warm, and has great moisture wicking attributes.


Thanks to ‘JL’ for the tip and pics!

Marvel’s Ant-Man – Trailer 1

April 13th, 2015

Unfortunately, like most trailers, the first full trailer for Ant-Man spoils too much of the plot. However, it also makes the movie look pretty kick ass, so… fair trade off, I suppose?

An Extension On The Dillinger Corp ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’ T-Shirt Contest

April 13th, 2015


Due to a technical error on the site which resulted in readers being unable to enter comments, I’ve decided to extend the Dillinger Corp T-Shirt contest by 1 day. The contest will now end Tuesday, April 14th at 1600 Zulu.

Follow this link for full details, and to enter: www.tacticalfanboy.com/2015/04/10/win-a-dillinger-corp-bye-bye-blackbird-t-shirt

And as before, if you like the ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’ shirt so much you want to get one now, you can use coupon code DILLINGER (not case sensitive) to take 20% off your order. This offer is avaialble through April 18th, so take advantage while you can.


PTS Syndicate – Griffin Armament QD Blast Shield

April 13th, 2015

Griffin Armament QD Blast Shield 1

Available for pre-order, the PTS Griffin Armament QD Blast Shield is designed to be used with airsoft rifles equipped with the M4SDII Flash Comp, M4SDII Muzzle Brake, M4SDII Flash Hider, and M4SDII Tactical Compensator, as well as many third party A2 flash hiders. It features a QD mechanism the same as that used on the PTS Griffin Armament M4SDII QD mock suppressor. The Blast Shield is made of 60601 T6 aluminum with a weight of 153g.

Griffin Armament QD Blast Shield 2


Gillette Avengers Commercial

April 12th, 2015

So, Gillette is doing a collaboration with Marvel for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film. Honestly, I’d rather have the Avenger-themed razors they mocked up (even without the super powers) then whatever Fusion ProGlide they’re trying to sell.

Orca Industries – Boba Octopus Patch

April 11th, 2015

Boba Octopus

Inspired by Prometheus Design Werx’s line of Kraken patches, and designed for Christine the Fett of Force Girls, the Boba Octopus patch is embroidered, with Velcro hook backing. I recently picked one of these up when I was down at the Double Tap Surplus Grand Reopening. It’s a great patch, and is a good choice for fans of galactic bounty hunters and celephapods alike.


Win A Dillinger Corp. ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’ T-Shirt

April 10th, 2015


I recently wrote about UK-based Dillinger Corp. and their limited edition ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’ t-shirt. Well, thanks to the generosity of the fine folks at Dillinger Corp., one lucky TFB reader will be receiving one of these shirts for themselves.


- In the comments section of THIS article on TFB (and nowhere else) leave a comment on what phrase you’d engrave on the barrel of a .41 Double Derringer pistol. It can be funny, clever, somber, etc.

- Contest ends at 1600 Zulu on Monday, April 13Tuesday, April 14. The comments will be closed at the deadline.

- Use any nom de guerre you desire but use your real email address as we will use it to contact the winner to request your shipping address; one entry per email, please.

- USA and International readers alike may enter.

- Void where prohibited.

Good Luck!

Additionally, if you like the ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’ shirt so much you want to get one now, you can use coupon code DILLINGER (not case sensitive) to take 20% off your order. This offer expires on April 18th, so take advantage while you can.


Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Teaser Trailer

April 9th, 2015

I suppose Black Ops III was an inevitability. My prediction? Old Man Mason is back, but this time he’s a head-in-a-jar hooked up to a cybernetic battle suit ala Mecha Hitler in Wolfenstein.

The full reveal is April 26th, 2015.