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SHOT Show 2016 – Hydrapak

January 19th, 2016

Hydrapak had a couple of new products to show off at their booth.


The first is the Seeker hydration bladder. The Seeker is a collapsible bladder constructed of the same durable TPU as other Hydrapak products, and it fills from a screw-cap lid. The non-rigid design of the Seeker allows it to fit snugly within a variety of carry options, such as a pack. The Seeker functions well as either as additional storage for water, or as a filter bag.


Also featured on the Seeker is an integrated strap system, which allows the Seeker to be carried or tied down externally. It will be available in three sizes: 1L, 2L, and 3L.


Hydrapak will also be releasing what they call the Arctic Fusion. It’s a bite valve constructed of insulated TPU, which keeps the valve from freezing for up to 1 hr in temperatures reaching -20 F. The Arctic Fusion will be released this Fall.


Tactical Fanboy Has Arrived At SHOT Show 2016

January 19th, 2016


SHOT Show – Industry Day At The Range – SilencerCo Maxim 9

January 19th, 2016

Admin says they should have called it the 'Lawgiver'

SilencerCo brought along the latest iteration of the Maxim 9 to their booth at Industry Day at the Range. The original Maxim 9 was built upon the Smith & Wesson M&P, more-or-less due to “[SilencerCo] having a lot of them sitting around”. This new Maxim 9 is, by comparison, a SilencerCo design, albeit in a prototype form. This is partially apparent from the 3D printed lower frame, and because of it being a prototype, none of the attendees were allowed to test fire it; a live fire demonstration by a SilencerCo employee was made, however, and we’ll upload footage from that for the readership soon.


Getting back to the pistol itself, it sports a number of impressive changes and upgrades from the initial prototype. First, it now utilizes Glock 17 magazines, which is great for obvious reasons. Adding on to the Glock compatibility, the irons are designed to be replaceable with any Glock-compatible sights. Additionally, it sports a 3.5″ barrel, a quick-action/safe-action-style trigger, the slide catch/stop/release is ambidextrous, and SilencerCo told us they plan to make the mag release ambi as well.


Adding to the changes, the Maxim 9 now features removable baffles much like the Salvo 12 and Osprey Micro, which allows users to shorten the overall profile of the Maxim 9. SilencerCo also told us they are making further refinements to the design, including the development of a method to allow for the mounting of a light and/or laser.

We heard the Maxim 9 may be available as soon as quarter 4 this year, so be on the lookout for more info as it becomes available.


10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer

January 17th, 2016

As you might guess by the name, 10 Cloverfield Lane is the second movie in the Cloverfield franchise. With few details available, and the trailer not revealing much besides an underground bunker and a pissed-off, controlling, and possibly cabin feverish John Goodman (and two others), the question is:

Is this a direct sequel to Cloverfield, complete with giant monster(s), or a spiritual sequel with a similar premise?

We’ll have to wait until March 11th to find out.

Binary Titanium Key Carabiner By iomaa On Kickstarter

January 16th, 2016

with safety gate

The Binary Titanium Key Carabiner is the latest Kickstarter campaign by iomaa, a company with a history of multiple successful campaigns. The Binary Titanium Key Carabiner comes in three sizes, Small, medium, and large, and features a body made of grade 5 titanium, with gates made of tempered stainless steel, although iomaa may replace them with tempered titanium down the line. One of the gates is a safety gate, which keeps keys and other attached items from slipping off the carabiner, and the carabiner can also function as a bottle opener.


The VA Life – A New Comicbook – Launches at SHOT Show

January 15th, 2016


That VA Life is a brand new, humorous, comic book drawn series drawn by Joshua Johnson, and written by Thirty Seconds Out and Violent Little Machine Shop. Join Bosco as he navigates life outside of the military…or will he just give up and go “back in”. Will the VA, proven to be a formidable foe of administrative labyrinths, best our hero as he tries to square himself away…or will our hero triumph against this faceless organization of nonsensical nonsense?


Join the crew at Shot Show from 2:00PM – 5:00PM on Wednesday, January 20th at S&S Precision’s booth (#8206) to get a signed issue, shoot the shit, and drink some FREE BEER. All proceeds will be donated to a charity…we haven’t picked which one yet.


Available now from:


Air Venturi Announces Ataman Airguns Now Available In U.S.

January 14th, 2016

High Quality, Extremely Accurate Russian-Built PCP Air Rifles
On Display at 2016 SHOT SHOW

Cleveland, Ohio (January 14, 2016) – Air Venturi, an exclusive airgun, airsoft and ammunition importer of leading international airgun brands, today announced that Ataman M2R air rifles are now available in the U.S. Built in Russia, the Ataman M2R series precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles will be distributed in North America by Air Venturi. The rifles feature five different stock configurations, and are offered in multiple calibers ranging from .177 to .35.

“Ataman air rifles are known for their high quality, exceptional reliability and cutting-edge technologies,” states Air Venturi Director of Business Development, Paul Milkovich. “By combining the most up-to-date production technology, superior materials, and the legendary expertise of Russian gunsmiths, Ataman has created world-class PCP production guns that we are proud to offer throughout the U.S. Visit booth #2007 at SHOT Show for a hands-on look at these phenomenal air rifles,” he added.

According to Milkovich, “The Ataman M2R series of PCP rifles are excellent options for hunting, sport shooting, and shooting for leisure.” Each model in the M2R series features sidelever action, a free-floating Lothar Walther barrel, two-stage adjustable trigger, self-indexing magazine, internally shrouded barrel, and an ergonomic, ambidextrous stock. “Depending on the configuration you may choose from a beautifully crafted walnut stock or a synthetic, soft-touch black stock,” he said. “The lightweight Ataman M2R air rifles are constructed to the highest performance standards, and you’ll notice that in every aspect of craftsmanship.”

“Whether you choose the .35 caliber version for dispatching hogs, the .22 caliber for pest control, or the .177 for target shooting or plinking, rest-assured you’re getting a meticulously crafted gun worthy of handing down to the next generation,” says Milkovich.


The M2R Carbine is offered in walnut only, and is available in .177, .22, .25, and .35 calibers. The ergonomic, ambidextrous stock features a checkered forearm and grip, robust buttpad, and raised cheekpiece. The ability to fill to 300 bar and regulated pressure control ensures shooting accuracy and the maximum number of shots. The pressure gauge and charging port are conveniently located in the front plug. The Picatinny mounting rail is milled directly to the receiver.


Available with a walnut or black synthetic soft-touch stock, the M2R Tactical Carbine resembles sniper-type rifles. This gun is available in .22, .25, and .35 calibers. The comfortable, pistol grip stock has a complex body shape with a grip that fits right-and left- handed shooters. The forestock is extended and the stock has an adjustable cheekpiece and buttplate that enable shooting from different firing positions.


The MR2 Bullpup is offered in two types. Type 1 features the synthetic soft-touch stock while Type 2 has an attractive walnut stock. Each version is offered in .22, .25 and .35 calibers and the smaller sized stock is great for people who travel or hunt where a standard sized gun would not be ideal. The M2R Bullpup has a Picatinny mounting rail, and the barrel receiver, clamps, and trigger are integrated into the main rail.


The MR2 Ultracompact Carbine features smaller dimensions and weight compared to other PCP rifles while maintaining the same on-target accuracy. The stock is adjustable for different lengths, and it folds to the side shortening the rifle length, making it convenient for carry and storage. Because of the telescopic stock, the gun can be used for shooters of any size. The pistol grip offers easy shooting for right- and left-handed shooters.

Please visit us in booth #2007 at the 2016 SHOT Show for a first-hand look at the new Air Venturi Ataman air rifles and all of the other new Air Venturi products.


Airborne Ranger – University Of Pineland Flags

January 13th, 2016





Airborne Ranger has released two new University of Pineland flags. The flags are constructed of 110g digitally printed knitted polyester, rated for indoor and outdoor use. They feature brass grommets for hanging, and are sized 3′ x 5′.

Animal Army Knife

January 12th, 2016

Animal Army Knife

Ok, I’ll admit, it’s more whimsical than tactical, but the Animal Army Knife current up for pre-order on Firebox has a certain charm about it. Besides, as far as novelty tools go, the Animal Army Knife is about as decent as any Swiss Army Knife, as it comes with:

– Bottle Opener
– Wire Stripper
– File
– Punch
– Flathead Screwdriver
– Phillips Head Screwdriver
– Knife
– Keyring/Lanyard Loop


Huntly’s Paper Warplanes

January 11th, 2016

Huntly's Paper Warplanes

Huntly’s Paper Warplanes are a collection of historic warplanes utilized by Britain, France, and the USA through WWI and WWII. The plane kits are manufactured using computer graphical design, which allows for more intricate models, and even the construction of biplanes.


SureFire Phone Case

January 10th, 2016


SureFire is now offering a branded protective phonecase for Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6/6S smartphones. Made of high-density polycarbonate, the SureFire Phone Case is shock-absorbing, and is designed to serve as a secure mount for the upcoming SureFire FirePak illuminator/phone charger, which has a reported output of 1500 lumens.


Shooting A .50 Cal Down A Shotgun Barrel

January 9th, 2016

YouTube channel FullMag shows what happens when you shoot a .50 BMG through a 12 gauge shotgun. Not from a shotgun, mind you, but literally aiming a Barrett .50 cal at a shotgun and shooting through the barrel.

S.O.Tech – Limited Edition Kryptek & MultiCam Tactical Tote/ Reusable Shopping Bags

January 8th, 2016


S.O.Tech has released a limited edition run of Tactical Totes / Reusable Shopping Bags. The bags are made in the USA by Veterans as part of a work therapy program through Vets Corps USA. The bags come in two sizes, regular (RCS) and XL (RCS2), and are made of 500D Cordura and 1000D Cordura, respectively. Additional features include reinforced handles, color-matched MilSpec webbing, and interior pockets.


narifuri – MIL SPEC Collection

January 7th, 2016


Men’s fashion apparel company narifuri has what they call the ‘MIL SPEC Collection’, which consists of several packs and jackets in MultiCam and MultiCam Alpine.


The litelok pack in particular looks pretty cool.


SKD Tactical – Molon Labia T-Shirt And Patch Collection

January 6th, 2016


SKD Tactical has just released their new ‘Molon Labia’ t-shirt and patch collection. I think both products speak for themselves.

www.skdtac.com – Molon Labia

A Visual Textbook For Students Of Dagger Fencing Rooted In Medieval Tradition

January 5th, 2016

Atglen, PA– Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of Dagger Fighting by Clemens Nimscholz & Ralf Schoetzau.


Bring past masters back to life by reanimating their fencing legacies.

This modern textbook provides an extensive depiction of more than 75 dagger fencing techniques according to 15th-century dagger Master Hans Talhoffer’s manuscripts, among other fencing luminaries, from past and present. In the Middle Ages, dagger fighting was part of every fencer’s standard repertoire—just as combat training was for swordsmen. The authors have spent years thoroughly researching the techniques and studying and interpreting the old manuscripts in order to subsequently test them in practice. Based on these historical representations—complete with striking medieval drawings—each technique is explained and illustrated in a series of action photographs. The fencing student is thus able to follow the sequence of movements that make up each technique. Valuable tips on equipment and training, plus a glossary of important terms round out this new standard work.


Soylent The Wonder Food, Not So Wonderful

January 4th, 2016


Just at the close of 2015, I was “voluntold” to try out Soylent, the meal replacement beverage. That’s a pretty common occurrence around SSD. Anything that is faddish or sketch; I’m the Guinea pig. Soylent is a powder that is mixed in water, which is formulated to be nutritionally complete; a single bag provides 2000 calories for a full day’s use. It also shares a name with the subject of that classic 1970s dystopian flic. While its referred to as a “wonder food” the taste was anything but wonderful.

My first taste was like eating liquidized paper, as in, it tasted like printer paper smells, with a creamy consistency. As I kept trying it, I kind of… ‘got used to it’, but there was never a point where I found it completely palatable. For me, the taste shifted from “liquidized paper” to “liquid bread” as I kept drinking it, which was better, but also still pretty disconcerting. I realize there are people who have transitioned completely to Soylent for their day-to-day nutrition, but for me, it’s a last resort option.

The clip below summarizes my feelings about Soylent completely:


ThinkGeek – TGX Tactical Flask

January 3rd, 2016


The TGX Tactical Flask is a stainless steel flask with a textured PVC accent piece, which can hold up to 6 oz of fluid. The TGX comes with a nylon holster with PALS webbing and an integrated 1 1/2″ belt loop.


BULLET | World’s Smallest LED Flashlight On Kickstarter

January 2nd, 2016


The BULLET is a miniature LED flashlight created by San Francisco-based Slughaus, who claims it is the smallest LED flashlight in the world. Inspired by the 9mm Luger cartridge, the BULLET is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized finish, and produces a 15 lumen light, powered by three LR41 button cell batteries. With an integrated keychain and its diminutive size, the BULLET is designed for Every Day Carry.

Matte Black and Gunmetal

The BULLET is available in Matte Black and Gunmetal.


NERF Rebelle – Secrets & Spies Arrow Revolution Bow Blaster

January 1st, 2016


NERF’s girl-focused Rebelle line has really come onto its own with some pretty cool blaster designs, including the Secrets & Spies Arrow Revolution Bow Blaster. This blaster fires 6 whistling arrows up to 90 feet away, with an intergrated rotating quiver which autoloads a new arrow as the previous one is shot.


Sparrows Lock Picks – Chaos Card

December 31st, 2015


The Sparrows Chaos Card is a break away escape kit that can be stored within a wallet. Contained within the Chaos Card is the following components:

– Short Hook
– Triple Peak
– Auto Rocker/Jiggler
– Short Wafer Pick
– Four and Five Comb Pick
– Tension Bar
– “Stabby Thing”
– Handcuff Key


Gearward – A-K Band

December 30th, 2015


Gearward’s A-K Band or Anti-Kidnapping Band is a tube that is designed to fit onto any standard watch strap, which contains the tools necessary to escape from rope, duct tape, zip ties, and handcuffs. The band contains a ceramic razor blade, polymer handcuff key, and a 4′ Kevlar friction saw. The A-K Band is designed for use by Military personnel, foreign aid workers, journalists in conflict zones, or even travelers in countries with a high risk for kidnapping.


Cold Steel – Thompson Saber

December 29th, 2015


One thing I like about Cold Steel is they’re not constrained by the typical. They’re not just a knife company, they make staffs and bats out of hardened polymer, offer full swords along with any EDC-capable knife, and they adopt or replicate older style weapons in many of their designs. That is readily apparent in the Thompson Saber, one of their latest designs in 2015. The Thompson Saber was created to Cold Steel President Lynn C Thompson’s specifications as a modern-day fighting saber. It was inspired by Thompson’s extensive experience with Western, Japanese, and Filipino fighting arts, made of 1055 carbon steel with a modified 1904 saber guard and a ray skin-wrapped handle.


Freestyle BivyPack On Kickstarter

December 28th, 2015

Freestyle Bivipack

The Freestyle Bivipack is a project currently up for funding on Kickstarter for a lightweight pack that transforms into a one-person bivy tent. The pack fabric itself is made of 300D diamond weave ripstop polyester and the frame is made of carbon fiber. The pack features 40 liters of primary capacity, with 10 liters of additional capacity via pockets. The bivy tent extends from the collar of the pack, and features noseeum bug netting to keep away mosquitoes. The whole package comes in at only 1.5 lbs empty, and is sized to fit as a carry-on.


Hot Toys – Finn & First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper 1/6 Scale Figures

December 27th, 2015

Finn And Riot Control

As expected of Hot Toys, they’re producing highly detailed 1/6 scale figures of Finn and the way-cooler-than-he-has-any-right-to-be-for-a-stormtrooper Riot Control Trooper from Star Wars: Episode VII. Both figures are approximately 12 inches tall, with over 30 points of articulation, and come with movie-accurate clothing and accessories, as well as interchangeable hands. They’re currently available for pre-order, with a projected release date of Q2 – Q3, 2016.