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SHOT Show 2014 – FNH FN 15

Friday, January 17th, 2014


FNH has released their own AR-15 pattern rifles, the FN 15 and FN 15 Carbine. Both rifles feature a hard anodized aluminum, flat-top receiver with M-1913 MIL-STD rail at the 12 o’clock position, with A2-style front sight, and removable carrying handle mount with sights. The barrel for both rifles is button-broached and chrome-lined, with an A2-style compensator and 1:7″ twist, and a 2-piece ribbed hand guard. The AR-style magazine features an aluminum body with low fiction follower.

The FN 15 has a fixed stock with sling mount and storage compartment. The barrel length is 20″.

The FN 15 Carbine has a collapsible, 6-position stock. The barrel length is 16″.


FNX-45 Tactical – SHOT 2013

Thursday, January 17th, 2013


The FNX-45 Tactical is an update on the FNP-45 Tactical pistol. It features a polymer checkered frame with interchangeable backstraps, a serrated trigger guard, and picatinny accessory rail. The stainless steel slide features an external extractor with loaded chamber indicator, front and rear cocking serrations, and two mounting bases for the use of an electronic red dot sight. The barrel comes threaded for the use of suppressors or compensators, and all the controls are fully ambidextrous (decocking/safety lever, slide stop, and mag release). If you’re wondering what’s ultimately different between the FNP-45 and FNX-45 aside from a few improvements and aesthetic changes, the later uses a new magazine which is incompatible with the former model. To offset this a bit, a new FNX-45 comes with three 15 round mags.

FN M3M (GAU-21) – SHOT 2013

Thursday, January 17th, 2013


The FN M3M, designated as the GAU-21 by the US Navy, is chambered for .50 BMG and fires at a rate of 1100 rpm using an open-bolt operation and a dual recoil buffer system. The effective range of the M3M is 2500 meters (approx. 1.5 miles) with a maximum range of 6500 meters (approx. 4 miles). It operates independent of either electrical or hydraulic power sources and has a unique soft mount system that enhances accuracy and minimizes recoil forces transmitted to the airframe. The M3M been approved by the DoD for use with all branches of the military as the Common Defense Weapon System for all current and future rotary-wing aircraft.