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Forgotten Weapons – Shooting the H&K MP5K Operational Briefcase

Monday, January 7th, 2019

The Operational Briefcase is a method developed by H&K for security personnel to discretely carry a sub gun in business and executive environments. Ian of Forgotten Weapons not only demonstrates live fire of one of these briefcase firearms, but also briefly shows off an earlier model case that was a bit less discreet than the later/more modern ‘trigger handle’ version.

Gatewood Supply Co. – HK 417 16.5″ Complete Upper – AH Date coded

Sunday, December 30th, 2018

As a thematic follow-up to EuroOptic.com’s transferable HK-94 full-auto conversion package, here’s another bit of premium-priced H&K goodness currently up for sale: Gatewood Supply Co. is selling an actual factual HK 417 16.5″ Complete Upper, AH date coded (that means it was manufactured in ’07, for those who aren’t familiar with H&K’s date code system). Noted to be in “used good to very good condition”, with minor marking on the barcode, and it comes complete with bolt carrier group and charging handle. Only one in stock, with just the one ever guaranteed to be available.

The price? $9699.99 $8699.99.


Wooden H&K MP7 Replica

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Jenni Edwards, a UK-based artist, creates highly detailed laser cut and laminated scale models of modern firearms. Her works include 2 models of the SCAR which are currently in the FNH Belgian HQ, as well as MP7 models which were produced for the UK’s Royal Armouries. The latter model is what’s currently available for sale via Edwards’ Etsy shop, ‘Splintersell’. The model is made of maple and birch, and features fully moving parts, including:

  • Removable magazine
  • Retractable buttstock
  • Retractable charging handle
  • Trigger which releases the hammer

    The model also features a functioning green dot sight, a removable suppressor, and weapon accurate markings.


    Thanks to ‘Allen’ for the tip!

  • SHOT Show 2014 – H&K – 50 Years Of The MP5

    Tuesday, January 21st, 2014


    One of the more interesting displays at the H&K booth at this year’s SHOT Show, was the 50 Years of the MP5. Contained within was examples of one of the very first MP64 A3s all the way to the modern MP5 MLI.

    MP7A1 UTM – SHOT 2013

    Thursday, January 17th, 2013


    If it’s blue, it must be a training gun, right? Well, that thought process would be completely correct in regards to the MP7A1 UTM. It’s a specially modified variant of the famed PDW that’s designed to use non-lethal ammunition made by Ultimate Training Munitions.