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GALAC-TAC (Green Wolf Gear Exclusive) Olive Drab Figure

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

We are currently living in a world where a company created an action figure based on a set of cosplay armor inspired by unarguably the most popular space fantasy series of all time.


Based on Ryan B. Flowers’ GALAC-TAC, Mandalorian-inspired armor, this figure from Green Wolf Gear comes wearing a set of GALAC-TAC armor, with a launcher, and a combat uniform very clearly inspired by Crye’s G3 uniform set.

I reiterate: neat.

Available for pre-order at the link below:


Galac-Tac Has Its Own Website

Monday, September 14th, 2015


Artist Ryan B. Flowers has expanded upon his Galac-Tac Mandalorian-inspired combat wear, and it’s now featured on its own website. The armor is made of high-impact semi rigid urathane, while the helmet is made of the same urathane, with a visor made of 1/8″ lexan.


Thanks to ‘RB’ from Facebook for the tip!

Ryan B. Flowers – Galactic Tactical

Saturday, June 27th, 2015


Remember that cool Mandalorian Combat Suit made by Ryan B. Flowers? Well, he’s now offering it up for sale on his site as individual components. You can get the Base Model helmet which comes with the following components:

– Main Body Helmet

– Interior Padding

– Chin Strap Rig

– Arch Rails

– Forward Night Vision Mount

This run is limited, so if you’re interested go for it!


Mandalorian / Boba Fett Combat Suit By Ryan B. Flowers

Monday, March 16th, 2015


Artist Ryan B. Flowers came up with this more contemporary take on Mandalorian armor, modifying multiple components and integrating what appears to be an armor carrier. It’s a bit different then his usual Dieselpunk-esque work, but not unfamiliar:

Zombie Armor

Mr. Flowers also came up with this amazing ‘Zombie Armor’ that he sold awhile back.

You can check out more of Ryan B. Flowers’ work here: ryanbflowers.com