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Steel Flame on rails

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Yesterday Tactical Fanboy’s TANSTAAFL ran an article about what looked like a rail-mounted skull, something we picked up from keeping an eye on those Hos at Spartan Imports. I did some checking and that comes from Steel Flame. The website is www.steelflame.com. The guy behind that site is a master jeweler namedĀ Derrick Obatake who does some really cool work (you’ve seen some of his stuff in movies like the Expendables). Actually, calling it cool is a bit of an understatement. Bad ass might be a better word for it. Check him out on Facebook too.

Tactical Fanboy: Steel Flame Custom Darkness Clips on Emerson Karambits.

Tactical Fanboy: Virtus Dagger medallion on the set of Expendables 2

Tactical Fanboy: Another Virtus Dagger medallion on the set of Expendables 2.