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NERF Rebelle Line

The NERF Rebelle line is a series that consists of rebranded blasters and accessories to better appeal to young girls. The line features products colored with light pinks, purples, and whites and darts with light colors and special designs. I have no problem whatsoever with young girls playing with NERF blasters (they can be a lot of fun), but do girls already playing with blasters even care about the branding? And does Hasbro expect to draw in girls that don’t play with blasters because these happen to look ‘pretty’? Maybe I’m wrong and they’ll be a big hit, but it just sees kinda silly to me.



One Response to “NERF Rebelle Line”

  1. Animal says:

    I Have written extensively on this line actually. The answer is simply no, girls already playing with Nerf Blasters don’t care at all. This line is aimed at those NOT playing with them.


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