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Snow Lizard – SLXtreme 5 Case


Snow Lizard’s SLXtreme 5 is an iPhone 5/5S case designed for heavy duty use. The Polycarbonate case is certified with a MilSpec 810G rating, able to withstand falls up to 6.6ft, and is waterproof with a IP-68 rating for depths up to 6.6ft. An integrated 2550mAh battery extends the battery life of the iPhone by 150%, and a rear solar panel allows for emergency trickle charge: approx. 1 hr sun/10min talk. The SLXtreme also features wide camera lens opening, no slip side grips, and an audio and usb charge port.

Available in Orange, Black, Yellow, White, and Hunter Camo.



4 Responses to “Snow Lizard – SLXtreme 5 Case”

  1. Airborne_fister says:

    Snow Lizard. Trying to beat out life proof? Just add a battery and trickle charge? Ok nice features, yet how heavy, and can it still fit in a pocket comfortably. If I’m on the trail how am I going to charge it, via solar panels? Velcro it to the top of my pack? I don’t think so. Seems like a load of bells and whistles in which my lifeproof case does perfectly Also it is smaller, and I can stick it in my pocket. Retrieve it without getting poked by a screw or by a lever for volume control. And what if that little flapper thingy breaks? just my ยข2

  2. Bussaca says:

    Why I phone… This is aimed at a tactical market? The military is Android.. They need to think who their target audience is.. Or they can market toward the yuppy mil-sim crowd.

  3. Marj says:

    I’ve had a Snow Lizard for a year now. I had a Lifeproof prior to this, all for the iPhone 5. I got this case because I cross country ski in the boondocks often. This case has never let me down. It’s literally a beast. It does fit in a pocket comfortably. It’s also ridiculously drop-proof. I’ve had to pry three iPhones out of Lifeproof cases because of a cracked screen. Not pretty. I still do use my LP at home, if I’m lounging by the pool, but when you’re actually outside for days at a time, the SL is by far the way to go.

  4. Lettie says:

    The answer of an extpre. Good to hear from you.

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